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1,000 New Businesses A Day!

Battening down the hatches waiting for the recession and economic gloom to blow over? That's almost certainly a major mistake.

Last year, over 395,000 new businesses were registered at companies house. That's the second highest figure in the past 25 years. Add in the number of people becoming self employed as sole traders and partnerships, and you can probably more than double that figure.

A combination of redundancy payments, exciting new online start up opportunities and a growing realisation that there's no job security any more, has persuaded hundreds of thousands to take the plunge.

And guess what... by the time the 'batten down the hatches' brigade have stuck their head above ground and realised the chill winds have stopped blowing quite so strongly, these new businesses will be so far in the distance that they won't be caught until the NEXT recession!

Don't put it off. Get up and running and making money on your own account now. The opportunities are there.

The Anti Diet That Blows Calories Away

Diets come and diets go. Some may have a positive impact in the short term but so many have little effect at all.

The problem is that the dieting industry is enormous and generates billions of pounds every year by exploiting peoples’ fears and emotions about the way they look and feel.

We all know and get frustrated by those smug types of people that claim that weight control is so simple – just eat less and exercise more!

I can confirm from many years of experience that there is a basic truth to that philosophy, but it in no way tells the whole story.

I’ve seen so many people with a slow metabolic rate which makes it so much harder to burn off those calories. Why do some people run faster than others? Why do some people have olive skin and others are pale? It’s all down to genetics and environment.

However, in terms of weight, there is one common fact that can benefit all of us.

The efficiency and effectiveness of a metabolism can be improved. It’s function can be optimised, its just all a question knowing how to do it.

An obvious analogy is the engine of a car. The stronger the engine, the better it’s maintained, the higher the level of performance.

The trick is to get your metabolism to function effectively and consistently, even whilst you’re asleep.

That’s why we’ve been researching something call the Human Inferno System, (I know it sounds like a magic act… but I think there is something a little bit magical about it).

The first thing that caught our interest was that it claimed to be an anti-diet system, focussing on firing the metabolism to burn calories constantly and rapidly.

We managed to speak with two nutritionists in the USA and one in Australia who have employed this method with over thirty patients in total.

Between them they reported that the Human Inferno System has been a huge success with over 90% of their patients achieving significant long term weight loss.

To highlight this success one nutritionist told me of a patient aged 48, who had been overweight since he was five years old. He’d tried many diets and exercise regimes but was still clinically obese being three and half stone overweight.

He had to lose weight!

After four months following the Human Inferno System step by step instructions he had lost all that unwanted weight and was finding it easy to keep off. The amazing thing was that he was actually eating more calories and exercising less than before.

Not only did he look better but more importantly he felt great, a fact reflected in his blood pressure and cardiovascular charts.

The key lay in doing the right kind of exercise and doing everything needed to speed up his metabolism.

Let me explain the basic ideas behind ‘The System’:

1. When you ‘starve’ yourself of food two things happen. Firstly, you normally feel miserable missing out on all those little goodies you usually feast on.

Secondly, and more importantly, the body has a ‘famine response’ whereby when it starts to need food the metabolism will automatically trigger a ‘go slow’ operation in order to ensure that the body is not wasting any calories – its one of natures safety devices to protect us from starvation.

Therefore, diets based on a low intake of calories are actually ‘false friends’. You probably will lose some weight in the short term, but as soon as you stop dieting and eating normally again you will be operating with a metabolism that has been slowed down by dieting!

2. There are many delicious and even ‘naughty’ fat burning super foods, micro and macro nutrients that actually promote a more effective and productive metabolism.

3. The System explains very simply how you can eat well and enjoy many ‘forbidden’ foods with a recommended but still very flexible daily limit of 1800 calories for women and 2500 for men (and reveals why there is no need to feel guilty abut the odd binge).

4. The Human Inferno System also highlights the numerous ways in which water, sleep patterns and daily routines can play a pivotal part in burning calories.

5. Exercise – the system explains very pointedly that it’s the quality of exercise that matters and not the amount. Why do a sixty minute workout when a ten minute one could be more beneficial?

I must say that as someone who has read just about every type of diet out there, the Human Inferno System is the most comprehensive ‘manual’ on controlling your weight, enjoying your food, increasing energy levels and looking great – and all with an anti-diet philosophy.

‘Manual’ is a very appropriate term for the Human Inferno System because it’s written in clear (large font) language that really takes you by the hand through the steps whilst explaining the reasons why.

As mentioned previously the healthiest and happiest people are not the ones who beat themselves up every night, feeling that they may have just indulged in one slight of bread too many.

A healthy firing metabolism that runs well 24 hours a day and a simple regime of regular quality exercise are the keys to a longer and healthier life. It’s not rocket science, its just proven common sense and it applies to all of us no matter what our genetics or environment!