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Banned...But Bringing In £704 Per Day Online?

Sometimes, you have no choice but to ruffle a few feathers if you want to make a major breakthrough. And so it proved for an old friend and colleague of mine who I met up with for lunch in London recently.

He’s been really successful on line for a number of years now, and we’ve worked with him on a number of projects. He’s always been completely honest and above board – a pleasure to work with in fact. And yet here he was telling me that he’d been BANNED by one of the world’s biggest websites. So what the heck had gone wrong? What had he done?

He explained that he’d come up with something completely new and unique…right at the cutting edge… and this had resulted in him pushing the boundaries just a bit too far. It was outrageously profitable, but that was part of the problem. It was all perfectly legal and ethical – just not what ‘they’ were used to. The powers-that-be didn’t like it, and that’s when he found himself kicked out on his ear wondering what to do next.

Sometimes the greatest successes arise out of adversity though.

He picked himself up, dusted himself off and set about smoothing off the rough edges, and ironing out the creases in what was fundamentally a quite astonishing online money making system. Within a couple of months, his ban was lifted, and he was back in business, making more money than he was before. But this time, the feathers stayed steadfastly unruffled. He’d learned how to acceptably merge his system into theirs.

So why am I telling you all this?

Well the reason he got booted out originally was because of something called The Three Line Money Machine. And I’ve managed to upload some videos online that explain what it is, and more importantly, how you can use it to bank several hundred pounds a day online….without ruffling feathers!

This is a tremendously exciting breakthrough. You’ll have no doubt heard of the site he uses – but the approach he takes is ground-breaking and unique. I don’t know of anyone else doing this yet. And the proof of the cash he’s making is right there to see in the videos!

He’s currently banking £704+ per day doing this...around £3,300-£4,000 per week. The best part though is that it’s only taking him 20 minutes per week to run this thing. That’s twenty minutes per week – not per twenty minutes per day!

In it, not only will you start to learn how the system works, but you’ll also learn something which nobody else seems to want to tell you. It’s the Elephant in the room – how you’ve been hoodwinked, lied to and cheated by the so called ‘Make Money Online’ guru’s. If you’ve tried to make money online and failed, you’ll know exactly why after watching this first video.

10% Deposit Mortgage Deals

It’s no secret that first time buyers are struggling to get finance at the moment, and this is having a knock-on effect across the whole property market. Many lenders are demanding a 25% deposit, meaning that first time buyers are often having to find £30,000-£40,000, and unless they have generous (or wealthy) parents, this can be a big problem. So news of two new mortgages from HSBC is very welcome.

The mortgages, which become available from today, can be secured on just a 10% deposit. One is a tracker mortgage, which tracks at 3.69% above base rate (currently 4.19%) and the other is a fixed 2 year deal with a rate of 5.09%.

We don’t have any further details at the moment, but this is definitely worth looking into, for anyone struggling to finance their first home.

20p Pieces Net A Mint

It has been reported that thousands of rare 20p pieces worth up to £7,000 each are circulating in loose change all over the country. Around 250,000 faulty coins were issued in error without a date. Apparently the London mint will buy them back for £100. However, collectors are said to be paying thousands for them on eBay.