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Biz-Opp Ideas 

The Telegraph offers various biz-opp ideas today and, by coincidence, we are putting together features on three of these. In brief, for the moment…
Get Paid To Party – ‘with Jamie at Home ( you will receive 20 per cent commission of sales while The Body Shop ( will pay you 24 per cent commission on sales.’
Running your own music classes for toddlers could be for you – ‘more information from:
Become a virtual assistant – ‘more information from’
Do let us know which of these interest you most of all and we will make sure we get something to you asap.

Avoiding Rejection

Ever been turned down for a credit card? I have, and I know the natural reaction is to be indignant and go out and apply for another one straight away. This can be a big mistake.

If there’s something untoward on your record, it’s likely to come up again, and every time you’re rejected, it flags up on your credit file to the lenders you subsequently apply to. Something minor can turn into a major problem, simply by virtue of the number of times you’re rejected.

With this problem in mind, have launched a very useful tool which enables you to go on line, enter your details and have your chances of being accepted for a particular credit card assessed. Where the system deems it unlikely that you will be accepted, it suggests alternatives, and even suggests cards with a more advantageous interest rate. Crucially, it leaves no trace on your credit file.

Definitely a service to use prior to applying for any credit card. You can find it at

Write A Will Week 

As part of Write A Will Week, there’s a free live webcast running with various experts from various websites on Wednesday 27 October at 1.00pm. You can check this out via
Meantime, visit for general information on how to go about writing a will and to find a solicitor and IFA near you who can advise you on inheritance issues.

BTL Surveys Update 

It is interesting to note that it’s being reported in the trade press that a buy-to-let landlord has won compensation from a surveyor who over-estimated the likely rental income on a new-build flat.
‘The surveyor, Colleys, estimated a rental income of £2,000 a month. The landlord was only able to earn £1,000 a month from the property. He subsequently took legal action against Colleys claiming it owed him a duty of care and was awarded £72,000.’
Colleys says, ‘Valuations are never 100 per cent accurate. We look at comparable properties in a locality let out in the period of time just before the valuation. It’s not a science but it’s usually correct even in today’s market where there are fewer transactions than in the past.’ More to come on this story and its possible consequences.