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Beware Banks Sharp Practice!

Keeping cash on deposit during these turbulent times? Make certain that you monitor what’s happening with accounts, rates and bonuses at regular intervals. You need to be pro-active rather than relying on banks to treat you properly. A recent Daily Mail investigation revealed, for example, that when high-interest bonds mature, some high street financial institutions move savers’ funds over into accounts with little or even no returns.A great site to find the current best savings rates is ( Take a look if you have any accounts maturing or cash on deposit coming to the end of a bonus period.

Property Credit Blacklist?

Worried that your property might be ‘blacklisted’? Look beyond the myth by getting copies of your credit files from Experian (, Equifax ( and Call Credit ( There is a common misconception amongst many people that an address can be blacklisted (thus preventing future owners or occupiers from obtaining various forms of borrowings and credit). James Jones at Experian explains, "Addresses can't be blacklisted. There really is no such thing."

Funny Old World Of Auctions

It may well have spent over 70 years "gathering rust" at the bottom of an Italian lake, rendering its bodywork only 20% reusable, but that didn't stop a Bugatti selling at auction recently for a phenomenal £228,000, or £160,000 more than its highend guide. Of course, this isn't just any old Bugatti. This is a super-rare 1925 open-top Type 22 Bugatti Brescia, whose full story is as fascinating as its happy resolution. Originally purchased in Paris by a Swiss architect, it came under the scrutiny of Swiss government officials when he tried to import it in 1923, but rather than he pay the hefty duties, the architect reasoned it was much cheaper to abandon the car at the bottom of Lake Maggiore. Time, of course, has ensured that what was an out-dated vehicle quickly became a valuable classic, with rumours of the fabled "drowned Bugatti" beginning to surface in the 1960s.

A Great Money making Idea From The USA

I've been spending some time talking to US contacts lately and will have a number of US biz-opp ideas to share with you on a week to week basis, starting today. I've been talking again to Angela, who we first spoke to two years ago, about her love of ‘scrapbooking’. Bear with me, it's a money-maker!

In the US, this is a billion-dollar business, with entrepreneurs creating scrapbooks for friends and family, selling them via websites and blogs, running party plan evenings, teaching scrapbooking at evening classes and even franchising their ideas so that other party-planners etc do the work and they take commission!

Basically, you put together an album of memories (photos, documents, press cuttings, cards etc) for a particular event – a baby’s birth, a wedding, an anniversary, a school prom, a retirement presentation, and so on. You provide the album and the expertise of putting it altogether beautifully. Your customers supply you with the contents – baby photos and congratulation cards etc. You can often add to these, perhaps by adding press clippings of the day’s (upbeat) events.

See if this money-maker might be for you – put together a scrapbook and see if you can sell it! You can buy lots of art and craft materials online via eBay and other sources. But you will probably want to start by going to a local arts and crafts shop (sourced via Yellow Pages) where you can actually see the materials you are buying; an album, paper, glue, scissors, pens etc. Explain what you are doing and ask for materials that are photo-safe and are of archival quality (i.e. they won’t fade and curl up as time passes).

More creative entrepreneurs will buy lots of buttons, ribbons and bows to decorate the different pages of the scrapbook; if you were doing a scrapbook of a baby’s first year, you might like to have different colours to reflect the changing seasons. If you need inspiration, there’s a good book called The Amazing Page: 650 Scrapbook Page Ideas which can be bought for about a tenner at for websites too.   

Now, I don't want to go on and on about this - it will interest some of you but not others. If it doesn't? We'll have another biz-opp idea for you next week (and the week after and the one after that and so on until we’ve found a money-maker just for you).  

The £4 Million Pound Avon Lady!

It was recently reported that an Avon lady has sold over £4,000,000 worth of cosmetics…After taking a part time job with the company to earn a bit of extra money for Christmas. Rebekah Testar who is a mum of three started ringing her neighbours doorbells in 2002 when her husband Tony had to give up work due to ill health. She is now a sales leader with over £1,700 reps working under her. Rebekah told a national paper “I can’t believe this has happened to me. It’s amazing.”

Movie Investment With Big Tax Breaks!

 We are delighted to offer you a unique opportunity to invest in this cutting edge, cheeky UK romantic comedy.

 An undercover reporter is sent by his feminist, newspaper boss to do a hatchet job on a mucky magazine. The girls, the glam and the sex are all there, but to his surprise it’s his heart he ends up following, not his by-line.

 TOP SHELF combines the humour of “The Hangover” with look and feel of “Knocked Up” and the audience appeal of “There’s Something About Mary”.

 Rom Coms are the most popular movie genre and the UK has always performed excellently in this arena. Think “The Full Monty”, ”Love Actually”, “Borat”, “Mr Bean” and “Bridget Jones”.

 “Comedy is consistently the UK’s most popular genre with UK audiences and took £222 million, accounting for 24% of the box office share.” Cinema Business, July 2009

 Writer Danny King is a successful novelist with eight books in print of which half are optioned as movies. Has written a sitcom for the BBC, has another in development, two feature scripts in pre-production and has two projects optioned by Hollywood producers David Matalan and Andy Vanja who have between them been responsible for such legendary movies as “LA Confidential”, “The Terminator” franchise and “Die Hard”.

 TOP SHELF has already attracted huge industry interest as it is a marketers dream and will attract a big name cast due the script, characters and out and out comedy appeal.

 TOP SHELF offers some very attractive tax breaks, through the Enterprise Investment Scheme (EIS). 20% of the investment is taken from your tax bill, you can shelter capital gains tax, which is very attractive since the recent rise to 28%, loss relief to limit the downside and best of all: tax free profits.

 Formosa Film’s current film, TWENTY8K, written by multi award winning writer Paul Abbott (3 BAFTA's, 2 RTS Awards and an EMMY) and creator of “Shameless” and “State of Play” (Ben Affleck and Russell Crowe) shoots at the end of this year. Parminder Nagra, star of “ER” and “Bend it Like Beckham” is set to take the lead role with Chris Ecclestone (“Dr Who”, “Heroes”, “Gone in 60 Seconds”) to play her nemesis.