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Birth Tourism

I’m sure you’re familiar with the  fourteenth amendment of the US constitution, but just in case some of its details have temporarily slipped your mind, allow me to remind you of a key point. Any child born on US soil, irrespective of the nationality or country of origin of its parents, automatically becomes a US citizen.  There are many advantages to US citizenship – not least the right for the child (and perhaps their family) to move there later.

This has given rise to a growing trend – birth tourism. A number of hotels have put together extended stay packages for expectant mothers, to cover them through a 2 month stay, covering a suitable pre and post natal period. Whatever you think of the practice, you have to admire the entrepreneurial flare of the hotel owners and management in finding a new way to pull in customers in these difficult economic times.

That leads me to think – are there any other tailor made packages like this which might be sold or promoted to UK hotels in return for a share of the proceeds?  Another idea we heard about from the States was a ‘Newly Divorced’ package. I don’t know about that, but certainly when someone leaves the marital home…a separation…they often have to move into rented accommodation very quickly. This has a number of associated problems  - not least of which is the need to buy a lot of household items in a rush. Maybe if hotels offered ‘breathing space packages’ to cater for people in this situation, they would find an eager market.

That’s just one idea. There could be dozens of tailor made packages which would help hotels through the economic downturn. That’s just one idea. There could be dozens of tailor made packages which would help hotels through the economic downturn. There could be a lucrative business in putting them together.

Japanese Ears

I give you this for information only. Whether it’s evidence of a business opportunity, or the fact that the Japanese are perhaps more strange than we ever imagined, I wouldn’t like to say.

Over 100 ear cleaning salons have sprung up in Tokyo in the past 6 months. Instead of hitting a bar or gym after a hard days work, men are heading for these salons where they have their ears gently cleaned by attractive young women in maids outfits.

Could it catch on here? My gut instinct says no, but stranger things have happened. Remember where you heard it first.

Seminar Secrets Revealed

Self improvement and business seminars are big business. The breadth and range of information available at these events is mind boggling. But nobody has the time or money to attend all the events they would benefit from.

It was this problem that led my old friend and business associate Mike Chantry to come up with what I think is a fantastic idea.  He’d’ simply publish  summaries of the seminars he’s attended on a  free member’s only website and invite other seminar attendees to do the same.  That’s how the Top Seminar Secrets website was born.

Membership is initially free for twelve months during which time it's hoped you will be able to post one simple summary of a recent seminar you have attended .
Just to be clear, it won’t cost you anything, and you won’t be obligated to anything.  The site will ultimately pay for itself by negotiating heavily discounted seminar attendance prices for its members. So it’s a real win-win opportunity. There’s nothing to lose by signing up today.

Value-Boosting Home Improvements

A survey from Move With Us reveals what they think adds value to a property. It’s a useful list and provides some food for thought if you are planning to improve your home this year. Most of us will at least want to ‘cover the cost’ of any work we do.

1st Extra bedroom 8.8 per cent £14,572

2nd Loft conversion 7.1 per cent £11,757

3rd Extra bathroom 6.1 per cent £10,101

4th New kitchen 5.8 per cent £9,605

5th Central heating 5.4 per cent £8,942

6th Off street parking 5.2 per cent £8,611

7th New bathroom 5.1 per cent £8,445

8th Conservatory 5.0 per cent £8,280

9th Double glazing 4.2 per cent £6,955

10th New conservative decoration 3.7 per cent £6,127

11th Improve/ landscape garden 3.6 per cent £5,961

12th Insulation 2.3 per cent £3,809

13th Wooden flooring 2.0 per cent £3,312

14th Alarm system 1.6 per cent £2,650

Of course, when it comes to adding value there are lots of factors to consider. Will buyers like the new bathroom - if it's not to their tastes, and they are planning to rip it out (new or not), that will be factored into their offer.

As I say though, it’s food for thought.