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Domain Profits

Just been talking to someone who makes money by buying and selling domain names. Apparently, there’s a simple trick to doing it. You buy a domain name based on those fetching high prices at Sedo or SitePoint, keep it a while and sell it again from the same reseller site and bank the equity. For example, fetched £25,743.12 at – what other suffixes are available for ‘giftideas’? We can do an article on request.

iTunes Scam

My daughter’s just been sent a scam email from someone pretending to be iTunes. They just want her bank account details (although, as she never has any money in it, they’d be in for a disappointment that’s for sure). Anyway, Microsoft offers advice, as follows…

Check out the text of the link in the email message. If it differs from the web address you go to when you click the link, be on guard.

Spot the web address in a link without clicking on it by hovering your mouse over the link. The web address will appear in a text box above the link.

Look at the ‘From’ line in the email message. If this shows a different web address than the one that appears when you try to reply to the message, it’s probably a scam.

Look for misspellings and grammatical errors in the email – bona-fide companies tend not to make these mistakes.

If the web address looks similar to that of a legitimate business, but with a minor alteration, it’s probably a scam.

Public Domain Images

Going to be interviewing someone next week who turns a tidy profit on selling public domain images online. Their best advice? There are so many different places where you can display your public domain images but only two places you really need to go to have those products turned into fabulous, low cost, high profit items to resell on eBay. Those two places are and / Do have a look and watch out for that article coming soon.