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Film Star Opportunity

Ever dreamed of being in the movies? Here’s your chance. Legendary Director, Sir Ridley Scott is planning the biggest movie the world has seen and you could be in it. He’s asking people to make a personal film about any aspect of their day on July 24th, and then upload it to Youtube. From there, 'Last King Of Scotland' director Kevin Macdonald will sort through the submissions and edit them into a feature length documentary called 'Life In a Day.' There are no restrictions on what you film.

If part of your film is chosen for the final edit, you’ll be credited as a co-director, and 20 people will be flown to the Sundance Film Festival next January for the premiere.

Maybe not an opportunity to make money, but the opportunity to earn the trip of a lifetime and be credited as a co-director on a major film. Sounds a great opportunity to us and nothing to lose by giving it a try.

Can you Survive on £29,000 a year?

That’s the amount the poverty charity 'The Joseph Rowntree Foundation' say this week that the average family need just for life’s basic essentials and the odd treat. That’s just to stand still. No nice holidays, no fancy cars, no expensive clothes or jewellery. Just the essential…food, water, shelter, bills, basic transport and the odd bag of chips if you’re lucky.

If that doesn’t scare you into pinning down a solid second income, I don’t know what will. Fact is there are dozens of ways to make an extra £5,000, £10,000, £20,000 a year or so. When you’re earning at your own ‘break even level ’, this sort of extra income is the difference between surviving and living life to the full. Get something in place now!

Travelling to the USA?

If you’re travelling to the USA in the next 2 years, here’s how to save $10. Everyone from the UK going to the USA must fill out an Electronic System for Travel Authorisation (ESTA) form in advance.A bill passed in the US Congress has given permission for a "cover the cost" charge on ESTAs, expected to be $10 and likely to start this Autumn

As the ESTA lasts two years, simply fill out the form now while it's free if you're planning to travel. If you already have an ESTA, there's no official renewal system so just complete a new application now and you'll be given another two years free.

Protect Your Money From 'Big Society'

David Cameron’s idea of a ‘big society’ is all well and good and I’ve nothing against a big society bank being funded by the money of dormant bank and building society accounts – unless, of course, they’re my dormant accounts. I pay more than enough tax already. If you think you might have dormant bank or building society accounts you may want to check and get your money out before the PM gets his hands on it. My Lost Account at allows you to search for dormant bank and other savings accounts and investments in your name that may have been forgotten about over the years. It’s worth a look.