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Your Own Holiday Home In The Sun For £29,950

“Although we’re still in the economic doldrums, this shouldn’t  stop you from achieving your dream of a holiday property in the sun. It’s taken me 2 years to put this deal together, from finding the land, negotiating the price, applying for planning, preparing the site and sourcing the right staff. We’ve finally done it.  By Spring of next year you could be the proud owner of your own holiday home in the sun, for which you’ve paid under thirty grand.

My criteria for sourcing this deal, on your behalf, has been thus:

European: because it’s local, easy and cheap to get to and I wanted to provide a holiday home that you could visit several times a year, not just two weeks every summer. You could even live there all year round.

Affordable: the entry level had to be affordable by most, if not all, so no one feels excluded. With this deal we’ve actually managed to achieve sub-£30,000, which is just incredible. And that’s not the deposit. That’s the whole thing.

An Investment: pitched at a price to undercut the market and provide an annual yield (should you choose to have your property rented out for you when you’re not there) to either make a 20%-plus yield or cover any finance costs.

Entertaining: jam-packed full of everything you could ever want from a holiday experience, including activities, attractions, distractions, sights, excursions, nightlife, relaxation, comfort and convenience.

Hassle-Free: so you don’t actually have to do anything (a) whilst you are there, as everything is deftly handled for you, (b) whilst you’re not there, so you don’t have to worry about a thing when back in the UK, and (c) even the purchasing process made as simple and easy as possible, which includes transactions in the UK, everything in English, and all financial arrangements achieved in sterling.
Welcome to Tall Pines Village. Set in 18 acres of stunningly beautiful pine forest at the very edge of Portugal’s Serra Estrela National Park, and boasting over 300 days sunshine per year, Tall Pines Village is a truly exceptional park home, offering the best value for money in the whole of Europe.

Tall Pines Village, which is British owned and managed, provides luxurious living all-year-round at a highly affordable price. Our costs are low, our margins are tight, so you receive the very best deal that exists in the market today.

Each park home is brand new, detached and designed and built to the highest specification and standards. These are top-class finished units, with no compromises, including fully-fitted class “A” kitchen and bathroom appliances, furnishings throughout and pre-installation of TV (receiving UK stations).
This is what you get:
  • A brand new holiday home in the sun for as little as £29,950.
  • In approximately 100 square metres of land, with an industry-leading 20-year renewable licence.
  • Set within a staggeringly beautiful 18-acre park.
  • Open twelve months of the year.
  • Complete with clubhouse, bar, bistro, swimming pool, tennis court, bowls club membership, boule court, library, launderette and supermarket.
  • Plus concierge service and 24/7 UK-operated site management.
  • And a huge variety of sights and activities right on your doorstep, including a National Park, golf, fishing, downhill and cross-country skiing, horse riding, beaches, local villages, cultural sights and so much more.
Prices include: park home manufacture, transport and delivery to Tall Pines Village, siting, installation of utilities and commissioning, providing a ready-for-use holiday home. The Park’s management handle all this on your behalf.

An equivalent holiday home apartment in Portugal would set you back £150,000, or five times as much as one of our park homes. And instead of a 3-metre square balcony overlooking another concrete apartment block, at Tall Pines Village you get 18 acres of parkland to play in. Oh, and with an apartment that would be £150,000 plus property transfer tax (5%), stamp duty (0.8%) and legal fees (1.5%), whereas there are no purchase taxes to pay at Tall Pines Village, and no legal fees. Further, all transactions are in sterling (just because the pound is suffering, there’s no reason why you should).

Of only 70 park homes currently available at Tall Pines Village, 25 have already been spoken for. At these kinds of prices, in this location, with this kind of quality and range of facilities, with this level of dedicated service and commitment, and UK owned and managed to boot, we don’t expect the remaining units to hang about. You should call us today. For a comprehensive overview, including stunning images, visit