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Hidden Pools

When I’m daydreaming about my ideal house, I spend a lot of time weighing up the pro’s and cons of having a pool. One on the one hand it would be great to just go for a swim when you feel like it, but on the other , they take up an enormous amount of space, and unless you go for a really expensive indoor version, only useable for part of the year. Now it seems there may be a solution, and , I need prevaricate no longer.

Hidden Water Pools look like regular pools until the owner presses a button. Within just a few seconds, hydraulic lifts powered by the pools own water raise the pool floor up. The water flows to the edges where it drains under the pool floor. What you’re then left with is a patio,  a parking area, a seating area…maybe even a fountain. The options are many.

Take a look at I haven’t seen anything like this in the UK, but don’t see why the concept wouldn’t be attractive to wealthy individuals here. I notice the company are looking for licensed pool building partners. This could be a lucrative business for the right person or company.