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No blood, No Dress!

You often hear people say they’d give their right arm for this that or the other. They don’t mean it of course – it’s just a figure of speech. But if you want to get hold of one of the limited editions created by Dutch fashion label, The Red Rail, you’ll need to give blood!

The company will only sell you their creations if you become a registered blood donor. The programme was created to draw attention to the shortage of young blood donors in the Netherlands, but it seems to have a wider commercial application.

Is there some way you could link your product or service to a worthy cause, and perhaps restrict sales to people who display a sympathy for that cause? If there is, you’ll not only help the cause in question, but also attract a whole new group of buyers who want to be associated with the initiative.

Petrol Price Misery

You may have seen in the news today that the price of fuel is about to hit record highs.

Apparently drivers face a 4p a litre jump in petrol prices just in time for the coming Bank Holiday weekend. Unleaded petrol is expected to hit a nationwide average record of 125.9p per litre in the next few months as a result of the governments planned VAT increase. RAC spokesman John Franklin has been reported as saying "The future looks bleak for motorists."

The cost of filling up these days is frankly ridiculous.

However, these astronomical prices haven't hit everyone.

Let me ask you a question...

Would you like FREE PETROL forever...for doing nothing?

There's nothing technical involved, no work, it's easy to do and there is no risk to you in taking a look at this.

Funny Old World

Whilst it's probably still too early in the day to be reporting any kind of Olympic fever here in the UK - save, perhaps, for the very tangible Knock-on effect of local property prices - it does seem to have manifested itself in Calais, France.

Mission 2012 is a local €100m initiative to improve overall tourist facilities in the port town. Meanwhile, in a concerted drive to benefit directly from the Olympics effect, Calais is also marketing itself as an overlooked part of South England in an attempt to attract sporting teams from around the world who might not easily afford our elevated cost of living. And what sounds like a ludicrous and cynical move is proving fruitful.

The judo, wrestling, athletics and boxing teams from Chad have already opted t base themselves in Calais during the run up to the games. Others look set to follow in the near future. "I consider we are the South of England," suggested one civic leader from the town, "And because we are the South of England its normal at we would associate ourselves with this extraordinary event." Flattering, indeed, but maybe somebody should point out that it's almost 500 years since Calais belonged the English.