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Exterminating Ex's

It doesn’t seem so long ago that when a personal relationship broke up – and assuming it had not resulted in marriage or children – you each went your separate ways and never need darken each others horizon again. The internet, and social networking in particular, has changed that, with each failed relationship leaving an online trail for all the world to see for ever.

That’s the problem which precipitated the launch of Block Your Ex, a tool designed to erase broken relationships from your online existence. More than 7,800 exes are currently being blocked thanks to the tool.

Why do I mention this? Because I think this is just the tip of a growing iceberg – part of a field that’s set to become very lucrative over the next few years. An increasing number of people have information about themselves or their activities online which they’d like to see removed. Anyone with the wherewithal to ‘clean up’ an individuals (or companies) online persona, will find a ready market.

Not a field which anyone can enter, but I’m convinced that multi-millionaires will be created from this in the not too distant future.

Number Plate Profits 

Number plates are big business. Over the last 20 years, prices have risen steadily. The plate, AVH9, cost £450 in the mid-80s and is now worth an estimated £4,700.
Millions of pounds are spent each year on these unique and eternally popular status symbols. Some people choose plates to match their initials or trade. Others buy so they can drop the year code and hide the age of a vehicle. Demand is high for low-cost numbers amongst less affluent drivers to add status and hide age.
The real beauty of personalised number plates lies with the prices people are prepared to pay for them. The person most likely to enjoy plates is you - the broker who’s going to make money from them!

International Student Properties 

Uncover a strong investment opportunity – look towards international student accommodation in London suggests Knight Frank. London has more students than any other European city and also has the highest number of international students in the world.
Student numbers have been rising at 4 per cent per annum for several years and there has been a 40 per cent increase in international students since 2001. But there is a shortfall between the supply of university and private sector student accommodation and the rising demand for it.
Most students do not live in the borough where they study. The highest concentrations of students are in the North London Arc and the South London Cluster, mostly in Houses of Multiple Occupancy (HMO) terraced homes. 

Credit Report Checks 

Check what’s in your credit reference agency files by contacting the main agencies. Almost everyone will have a credit reference file held by each of these agencies. These files will feature basic personal details (name, date of birth etc) along with your address (and previous addresses going back six years) and your credit and payment history.
If you have loans, credit agreements, credit card balances etc, the key details should be listed – when the credit was arranged, borrowing limits, borrowings, payment records to date etc. Applications for credit over the past six years should be recorded too. If you have been late with making payments, have defaulted on agreements or had county court judgements against you, these should all be recorded as well.
The main agencies are Equifax at, Experian at and Call Credit at The websites give you all the information you need to know to obtain your files. You may be surprised at exactly what is in them. Most people are.