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Product Stories

People love to hear stories and they don't get to hear enough of them. We recently heard about some architectural reclamation yards that go out of their way to get the story behind what they have for sale – where the building was, how old it was, what it looked like, who lived and worked there etc? It helps to bring the product to life.

If you were an antique dealer, wouldn't you do the same thing? But they rarely do. Even second hand car dealers know the power of such stories, as evidenced by the apocryphal "little gem owned by a vicars wife who only took it out on Sunday afternoons'.

Are there stories you can build around the origins of your product or service. If there are, you could make them all the more saleable and appealing.

Three Day Quick Course

Just imagine you have a 10,000 word report on making money. You offer it as a PDF file to online customers at, let’s say, £19.95 a time. You sell it to customers via affiliates so you don’t pay a penny for any advertising. Instead, you split the profits 50-50 and make £10 on each sale. How many sales could you achieve – 200, 500, maybe 1000? It’s a lot of money!
Let me show you, over the next three days, how you can make a lot of money from this!
The beauty of this particular money-maker is this. You can start from scratch with little or even no money. You can do it even if you have no particular expertise or experience. This is also a money-spinner that can start generating money for you almost immediately. And, with a few clever little tricks of the trade, you can make more and more money from it month after month!
Choosing The How-To Information
Let’s cut straight to the chase – if you are going to make money from this, you need to provide how-to information that people want and are willing to pay for. That means you need to produce something that will give them hard, practical benefits – to make them more money or to be healthier or more attractive or to be a red-hot lover in bed!
They also need to get something out of it that’s much more than they put into it – so they want to make £1,000 from that £20 buy, for example. It’s got to offer them something really significant. No-one is interested in making a measly, one-off £50 – they want an extra £500 each and every a week or whatever.
You also need to produce something that is simple and easy enough to follow and then put into action step-by-step. Ideally, you’ll also produce something that can be used by everyone regardless of their age, qualifications, know-how, experience and expertise.         
You should be looking at what you can produce from your own know-how and expertise that will offer this to would-be customers. A 10,000 word report really isn’t that long and you can look at what else is available to get a feel for how it’s put together.
Maybe you are a property investor. You might produce a report on becoming a property millionaire with very little money down. If you spread-bet the financial markets, make money from eBay, bet on horses running in all weather races, cash in on affiliate schemes, have an alternative investment portfolio of fine wines, stamps and autographs or trade foreign currencies, these (and many other) money-makers could form the basis of what you are going to put together to sell. and to see what else is being sold along these lines. This will give you a good idea of what you can produce and how to present and price it. But don’t worry! Even if you have no know-how, experience or expertise of your own, you can still profit from this money-making opportunity. You just get someone else to write something for you!             
Resale Rights Products Can Work!
You don’t have to create your own product to make money online. You can instead market resale rights products. A resale rights product is one where you have the right to resell it and keep the profits. There are different types of resale rights product. What you might call straight ‘Resale Rights’ is where you buy and then resell the product as it is. These rights normally come with some restrictions such as having to charge a set price for the product or not selling anything else with it.
‘Master Resale Rights’ is where you pay to own the product outright and can then resell it as you wish. You can charge more or less, for example, or can sell it in a bundle of products. ‘Private Label Rights’ involves you paying more so that you get the original word document files so that you can rename, amend and update the product as you wish before selling it on.
‘Giveaway Rights’ means you can give the product away for free. You might offer one or two freebies, for example, to encourage customers to buy your main product.
Do Your Research
Before you start searching for a resale rights product, research the sorts of money-making ideas you have in mind to see if there is a demand for this information. You can use keyword tools, such as WordTracker at and Yahoo Search Marketing(formerly Overture) at, to search for what people are interested in.
You will probably want to search in a niche, money-making market – whether that’s UK property, currency trading, all weather racing or whatever. When you see a product that looks possible, ask yourself why customers would buy this product. What’s in it for them? Spot those hard, practical benefits! Check that it offers them a chance to really make money – much more than they would pay for it! You can usually see some sample material so double-check that this is easy to read and actually put into practice.
What you also really want to see is a complete package – so, for example, the product comes with readymade marketing emails and banner and other ads etc that you can use to promote the product to your customers. It is also helpful if there is some sort of back-up advice being offered as part of the deal. If you are buying the product from whoever originally wrote it, this is likely to be available in some form or another.
However, many resale rights products are sold on and on around and around and the person who is selling it to you may no little or no more than you do. Check! As an aside, the price you’ll pay is a good indicator of the quality of what you are buying. The cheaper items are rarely the best, although you can sometimes do well out of an older product which you can buy cheaply and then update and amend for your own particular niche market. Generally though, you will make more from quality products. As with everything, you get what you pay for!
That’s all for today – tomorrow, we’ll tell you how to present how-to information and reveal which how-to products work best!