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The Future Of Hotels?

I get the feeling, both from personal experience and research, that the most successful hotels are at opposite ends of the spectrum – the most luxurious seem to be doing well, as do those in the budget sector. It seems like those stuck in the middle somewhere are the ones that are struggling. It’s not hard to see why. The budget chains offer modern, clean and functional accommodation at a fraction of the price of old and tired traditional establishments.

Taking the budget trend a stage further is Spanish chain. Lookotel. Their hotels are modular in nature, with every room essentially a stand alone, independent pre-fabricated unit. Each room is independent structurally, architecturally and functionally with bed, desk, chair, bathroom and automated air conditioning, Hi fi, TV and Wi-Fi capability. The rooms are then  simply put together like children’s building blocks to form the hotel.

The whole operation is geared up towards automation, with self service check in/check out, and most other services provided remotely. The building are eco-friendly (saving both energy and money) and staff costs are 70% lower than an equivalent hotel in Spain.

It looks like a very interesting concept, and could point the way ahead for the budget sector. Perhaps something to copy for ambitious UK entrepreneurs?

Novelty Playing Cards

One of our US contacts has sent us a guide to 101 biz-opps that are very successful in the USA. We’re currently looking to see which ones might work here for a fuller report coming soon.   
Meantime, novelty playing cards is one that might just be a money-maker for you in time for Christmas. Here’s what they say, ‘Nearly everyone loves playing cards. Create your own playing cards for custom markets, such as fishing, shopping, golfing, etc. Your market must be large enough to allow you to sell many decks of cards and have repeat customers.’
‘You can set up a website that sells many different types of playing cards. Try selling playing cards for sports lovers, pet owners, kids, and more. These cards can also help people find a great gift for that person who has everything.’ Interested? Let us know. We can do an article for you.

BTL Advice

If you’re a buy-to-let property investor, rent collectors Landlord Assist are advising landlords to take upfront preventative measures against tenants’ possible unemployment. “Landlords need to make sure they reference tenants at the start of the tenancy agreement to establish whether the prospective tenant can afford the rental payments. They should also ask for guarantors, namely family and friends, to cover the cost of missed rent should the tenant default on payment.”
“Nearly all references include an employment reference nowadays, providing landlords with a great indication of a tenant’s employment history and current situation. However, when gaining a reference check landlords need to pay particular attention to the type of work.
Only a few years ago the ideal tenant would be one working in the financial industry, but that is not the case anymore.”
“With many more cuts expected in both the public and private sectors, many tenants may find themselves in financial difficulty over the coming months. This level of uncertainty is worrying for landlords and may encourage more to renew their interest in rent guarantee and legal expense insurance.” More to come for would-be BTL investors.

US Property Hotspot

Talking of property and the US, research circulating at the moment suggests Detroit may become a future hotspot for Brits looking to invest in US real estate. Barack Obama has recently declared his love of Michigan City which instantly promotes the state’s profile all across the world. In addition, the government are currently investing millions into Detroit’s car industry, which is improving the local economy and prospects for investors.
Rod Thomas from Axis Property Investment says, “The US housing market, in general, remains ideal for investment opportunities. House prices are still low due to foreclosures and rental demand is high. Now, as Detroit enjoys an economic recovery, investors can benefit from Government subsidised rents, capital growth over time and re-selling back into the local market.” Brits can buy property at low costs which will appreciate over time as the local economy continues to grow, providing you with an attractive investment purchase. We can put together a how-to article on request.