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Win-Win Tourism

Here’s an interesting idea from Italy. The southern town of Rivello have put together an event in which they invited over 150 artists and designers from around the world to come to the town for one week, and create and exhibit their wares on site.

The event is being sold as a antidote to the usual rubbish which is hawked around as traditional local crafts in areas where tourists gather in numbers. An opportunity to buy some genuine and valuable pieces of art and design. But look at the benefits for the town.

They get the patronage of over 150 designers and artists in the local hotels, restaurants and bars (at specially negotiated discount rates of course) plus the draw of a very special event, pulling in tourists and locals  (and their money) from neighbouring towns and villages.

This sort of event could easily be replicated in any tourist laden area of the UK, and would give a much needed boost to the local economy. There’s a big opportunity for someone to organise, co-ordinate and profit from the event by taking a slice of resulting revenues.

Save £2,702 A Year!

If you’re not  doing the bulk of your shopping online, you could be missing out. A poll out today claims that the average British shopper saved  £27,024 over the past 10 years by taking advantage of the saving to be made online. The poll also found that two thirds of respondents now make most of their major purchases online.

Two important lessons here:

  1. If you’re not shopping online, you need to start
  2. If your business doesn’t have a strong e-commerce aspect, you could be missing out on engaging with two thirds of your potential customers. This figure can only rise in the future.