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  • Slash Cost Of Debts
    Would a 1.9% interest rate on your overdraft or personal loan be a better rate than you’re paying now? It almost certainly would, in which case you should take a look at the new platinum credit card launched by MBNA.
  • Cash From Waste
    Sometimes you need to get right into the minds of potential customers to spot an opportunity. On the face of it, there’s not a lot of value or potential in old tents left behind by festival goers. But that’s before you factor in the environmentally conscious nature of a lot of the young people who attend such events.
  • Specialist Trading
    When economic times are tough, most sensible folk look out for an opportunity which is immune to the downturn. The really smart ones look for an opportunity which flourishes BECAUSE of the downturn.
  • Spending Trends
    If you’re thinking of starting or developing a business, it’s always useful to know where people are spending their money, and where they’re expected to spend it in the future. The latest British Lifestyles Report from Mintel provides some valuable information.
  • Start Your Own Power Company
    Thanks to government subsidies, and a scheme whereby it’s possible to offset your own power usage and then sell back surplus power to the grid, solar panels have become a serious investment proposition, irrespective of their green credentials.
  • Fractional Ownership Opportunity
    One of the hottest trends in the property market at the moment, is the move towards fractional ownership. It’s a system which shares many of the advantages of the much-hated timeshare, but without the drawbacks.
  • Domain Profits
    You buy a domain name based on those fetching high prices at Sedo or SitePoint, keep it a while and sell it again from the same reseller site and bank the equity.
  • Evening Opportunity
    About £20 an hour is the norm, and most of the work being available after school hours in the evening and on Saturday mornings, it’s an opportunity which can often fit in easily with other jobs and commitments.
  • PAYE Repayment Loophole
    Picking up on yesterday’s PAYE underpayment story, I’ve been advised of the loophole which may enable those who’ve underpaid PAYE over the past couple of years to avoid having to make a repayment.
  • 10pc Deposit Mortgage Deals
    The mortgages, which become available from today, can be secured on just a 10% deposit. One is a tracker mortgage, which tracks at 3.69% above base rate (currently 4.19%) and the other is a fixed 2 year deal with a rate of 5.09%.
  • Money Making Mobiles
    Sell My Mobile reveals the most valuable handsets: iPhone 3GS 32GB £231.40; iPhone 3GS 16GB £230.20; Vertu Ascent £196; Vertu Signature £195; iPhone 3GS 8GB £186; HTC Desire £180.70; Blackberry Bold 9700 £175.20; Nokia 8800 Sapphie Arte £168.10; Nokia N900 £166.98.
  • Hot Share Tip
    Argos has certainly chosen a good time to join the market, the Falklands currently being a hot area for oil exploration. Rockhopper recently discovered oil on its Sea Lion prospect in May and investors have further hopes of success at its Ernest well.
  • Bike Assembly
    If you travel through Portland International airport, you may be surprised to find a bike assembly station. Travellers can either use the station to dismantle their bike for transit, or re-assemble it after a flight, ready to be ridden away. There’s even a cycle lane away from the airport.
  • Landlord Scams Alert
    Housing charity Shelter reveal that more than one million people have been ripped off by landlord scams over the past few years. If you or your loved ones rent, be aware of the main scams.
  • Profit Making Homes
    See if you can earn money by renting your property to a TV or film company – register with agents such as Sarah Eastel Locations ( Fees start from about £750 per day.
  • Resale Rights Products
    You don’t have to create your own product to make money online. You can instead market resale rights products. A resale rights product is one where you have the right to resell it and keep the profits.
  • How To Products
    Let's say you have the know-how to create a how-to-product of your own or, if not, that are ready to invest in a resale product, with master resale or private label rights. In short, you have some how-to information, you can do what you want with it and now need to think about how to present it.
  • Building Your Business
    Whatever you do, as soon as the order is placed, you need to do something! We live in a instant 'now' culture – people do not like queuing or waiting or being patient. They want whatever it is right here and now, on the spot.
  • ID Theft Insurance
    Which? experts agree and say that simply being vigilant is likely to be more beneficial than paying for ID theft cover.
  • New BTL Mortgages
    Buy-to-let specialists Paragon Mortgages – who withdrew from the market – are now back and ready to lend to landlords; a good sign for the market. Paragon's product range includes fixed rates priced from 5.30 per cent, available at up to 65 per cent LTV and trackers from 4.30 per cent, also available at up to 65 per cent LTV.
  • London Property Hotspots
    New figures from LSL Property Services has found UK rents are hitting new highs with average rents now at £686, a 2.5 per cent increase since last year and the seventh consecutive month of gains, up 1.4 per cent in August alone. Yields are also climbing which makes now a highly profitable time to enter the sector; rising 4.9 per cent in August.