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Setting up a home office  

Whether you are planning to work from home or simply need to create an area specifically for computer use, a home office is becoming a must for every household.   We all use the internet for many of our day to day activities such as paying bills, grocery shopping, research, keeping track of friends, the kids’ school activities or just watching your favourite TV programs, the list is endless.  It’s no wonder then that many of us feel the need to create a home office as a focus for all this activity.

So where to start? 

If you’re lucky enough to have a spare room, converting it to a home office can be very easy to achieve.  If you don’t have an extra room there are a few options depending on your budget.  If you can find a corner or a wall in a family area such as a dining room, you may be able to adapt it to fit in a desk and a few items to create a focused work or computer area.  For the more adventurous, you could look at creating a new outdoor office or studio in your garden using a pre-fabricated design.  While they are not cheap, they can be quite cost effective and provide you plenty of extra room to use as you please, as well as all the heat and power you will need for a very comfortable home office indeed. 

Now what about technology? 

Do you have broadband at home?  If not you will definitely need to upgrade.  When thinking about internet use, there are some key factors you should keep in mind, such as

  • How many mobile devices you will need to connect to your wireless broadband? 
  • How many computers are you likely to use? 
  • How do you use the internet? Are there peak times when you will be downloading a lot of files? 
  • Is your internet connection shared by others and will this have an adverse effect on performance? 

If you already have broadband, using a broadband speed checker is a good place to start.  They can be found online, free of charge and will give you a very good indication of your current broadband speed and allow you to do a comparison with other internet service providers (ISPs) should you feel your package is performing poorly. 

A word on hardware: 

We are all bombarded with computer offers on daily basis, but don’t be swayed too easily!  Always think about your needs and make the technology fit your work/life style and get the right mix of mobile and desktop kit.